Benefits of reservation software

Increase direct sales from your travel website by delivering what guests
expect - the facility to confirm a room instantly.

Why choose Portalkey for your organisation?

  • Optimise the potential of your website
  • Advanced search facility
  • Operate a call center
  • Reliability, speed, efficiency
  • Track your commissions
  • Useful statistics and reports
  • Decrease your administration costs

The benefits of choosing Portalkey

Optimise the potential of your website: Guests visiting your website increasingly expect the facility to check availability and confirm their accommodation instantly. Using Portalkey reservation software can increase your confirmed internet reservations by up to 20%.

Decrease your administration costs: Guests confirm accommodation in real-time at your website, closing the sale immediately. Reservations go directly to properties, eliminating the need for you, the Portalkey user, to hire reservations staff.

Advanced search facility: Portalkey search functions allow your guests to search your website for accommodation in their chosen destination. Search results indicate whether accommodation is available.

Operate a call center: Portalkey offers a Central Reservations function, allowing telephone reservations staff to search for properties with availability on guest's chosen dates. If a guest's chosen accommodation is fully booked, alternative available accommodation displays. You can close a telephone sale immediately and the reservation is delivered directly to the property.

There is NO third party involvement: Properties collect all guest payments and control room rates and availability.

Properties manage their own room inventory overcoming increasing reluctance to allocate rooms to travel website operators. Properties can update their availability 24 hours a day.

Portalkey optimizes the potential of your website:

Current internet research indicates that websites without a real-time reservation facility lose 20% of potential online bookers.

Stay ahead of your competitors in e-commerce:

According to Media Metrix, the online travel sector is expected to grow from US$18 billion in 2000 to US$63 billion in 2006.

Portalkey is a cost effective turnkey solution:

You do not have the high cost of creating your own Internet reservation system. Portalkey's software offers a reliable instant solution.